Saturday, October 30, 2010


Deze heb ik gekregen van mijn liefste

In the endless seas of time
I see eyes shining like a blinding sun
staring into a gazing haze
I see new worlds opening
ensnaring me, entrapping you

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Rivers of time, taking countless of curves
into thousands of directions
Without nerves, I throw myself into you
ripping myself apart,
reconnecting in all my complexions
to open up my heart

Fighting the strings of fate
I reground my thoughts
reshape to recreate oneself
to my former self
given up the resistance
remolded by you
I see myself coming back to thee

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I reinstate myself next to you
refoccusing on the the collections
of my true emotions
Embracing my existence
like the universe, the earth
the earth, the oceans
arranging from emotion to thought
everything into its righteous place,

(for) Eternity
Where I is you and you is me
I remain,
the sun, the sea, the sky
in you

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