Friday, December 24, 2010

You Ask Me To Smile

You ask me to smile
But I don’t want to
For everybody it’s a crime
So why it isn’t a crime for you

People tell many things
And they ask me if I know
The love message
Of you my boy

But I can't answer the question
Because I don’t know
Do you really love me
Are you my boy

Now it’s you’re turn
Don’t ask me why
Just prove that you love me
But don’t make me cry

My Father

At these moments when Im weak
I just dont want to speak..

They ask whats wrong
I tried my best to be strong
But I cant, not this time
Thats why Im writing this rhyme

Pain, powerless, anger and the loss is wat I feel,
For my daddy is sick and wont heal
They often ask is everything oke?

My answer would be: "No, because my father will be gone someday"


Every night, I lie awake,
want to change, not to be fake.
It feels like no one cares about me,
Just want to die, don't want to be alive.Sadness is always in my heart,
just want to end and die, just want to start over.
I want to be accepted for who I am,
I wish someone out there could understand.
I ask myself “When will death come upon me”
I just want to jump, jump off dramatically

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My life - question

~My life-question~

Please don’t answer before you’ve figured it out!!!

I’m reaching out
for someone to hurt me
screaming out loud
for someone to break me
whisper in silence
for someone to make me feel
I’m OK
even when I’m ana
even when I cut myself
even when I…
want to give up
everything I have

don’t tell me
don’t say to me
don’t think:
you do love me

you don’t
you just don’t love me
the way I am right now
so what’d tell me
you will finally do
when I’m totally
who you want me to be???

Vanished love

Goodbye friend

Good Bye Friend
I guess it’s over then.
I can’t talk to you again.
You’ve become a friend.
I’ve enjoyed the time we spend.
I’m gonna miss you.
But this is something you’re forced to.
Goodbye and till never.
We’re apart forever.
I’m sorry for all the trouble.
I’m taking the pain double

Goodbye friend.
This is our end.

For Ben

I thought we would be a part
You've touched me since the start
For two years, I had a crush on you
And wenn you finally liked me too
I ignored every little sign
Though I wanted to make you mine
Inside, I was filled with joy
But you saw me with another boy
Maybe that's why you treat me like air 
I think it isn't really fair
You didn't wait for my reply
My love for you will never die
Small pain turned into a heartacke
Now I can't sleep, I want you back
Please, just return and stay
I'll be around, don't go away