Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nativity in eternal affection

Lovely Babay
Your wink was like the exact contour of my mom's eye groove

The way you walk is like the rhythm of my mom's cuty caution

Your consolation is a thrilling resonance from my home's roof

Indeed, you never deny towards anyone's misprizing eye who tries to stun you like a nun

In the dead of the night, you hitch to me like the frangible baby's move in an uterus

Sometimes the way you respire feels like your spirit ignites all my veins contemporarily

My corrosive job daily hurts me but your abundant affection coagulates every injury into a fuss

Your calumniating resentful moods move like ebb and flood in a natural pulse because of your invincible fraternity

Your daily loyal affectionate words resurrect every set back like a soaring chorus

When I flee for your compelling household I am retained by the ceiling of your wall of cherishing surrender

My notorious crimes impedes our tender touch but my armoured guardian is always pulverized by your bus

Your bruises that rankle due to your cruel ex parners
are coagulated by my wailing whispers oh so tender

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