Saturday, November 20, 2010

*The memory*

I look at a picture,
I see two happy smiles,
Why are you not here by my side?
I know it’s the distance, so very wide..

Do you remember..?
The time we walked,
You hold my hand,
Kissed my hand,
And said: I’ am gone miss you…

You know the moment,
Our look in each others eyes,
You kissed me,
And we smiled,
I will never forget the feeling of love…

You give me butterfly’s,
And your sweet kiss,
It’s your touch,
I really miss…

You give me wings,
That’s one of your good things.
What I’m gone say is trough.
To say: 'I really love you!'

I feel safe with you,
Just hold me,
Its all you have to do,
So you can feel my love you.

We have something special,
Do you feel it?
Do you hear it?
Just listen to your hart,
Then you feel love…

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